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Susan offers private voice lessons and other musical offerings to students of all ages and abilities. You can find her through the Watertown Children's Theatre or reach her private studio directly through her Contact page.

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"Susan's enthusiasm for the art and science of voice is contagious!"

***Please inquire about online and in-person options***
Questions about online lessons? Click here for info/FAQs.
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Voice Lessons
Lunchtime Lessons

Private singing lessons for adults and teens, ages 9+. Attention is given to healthy vocal production and artistic expression. Build sustainable technique and sing age-appropriate repertoire that fulfills your personal musical goals.

$75/60 mins, $65/45 mins, $50/30 mins -- ask about my deals & discounts!

30-minute drop-in private singing lessons for adults on Thursdays at 12pm or 12:30pm during the academic year. Perfect for a mid-day work break or for those who want to sing a little without committing to weekly lessons.

$45/30 mins


Previous workshop topics include:

  • Building Functional Practice Strategies

  • Your Voice, Your Body: Uncovering the Living, Breathing Instrument

  • Demystifying the S-word: Understanding Breath SUPPORT

  • Sing With Ring! Understanding Vocal Resonance

Please contact Susan if you are interested in bringing a workshop to your school or chorus!


"Susan is a phenomenal teacher of youth and adults...I can't recommend highly enough that you or someone you love should study with Susan."


Household Music Class

Learning through play! This music class for children and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will provide a rich musical environment and a safe space to grow and play. Through songs, dances, and games, we help build strong neural and musical pathways for your child(ren) that will lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Ages 0-9 yrs

$65/45 mins, $75/60 mins


"Susan's lessons are illuminating! She finds a way of answering questions I didn't even know I had."

Professional Services




  • bios

  • resumés, CV's

  • program notes

  • theses

  • other written work

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"Susan understands that finding your voice can feel vulnerable and does everything possible to make the process feel safe, nourishing, and fun."

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